The goal to create self sustaining settlements in areas with difficult climatic conditions seems to be hard to reach. However most of the components of such a solution are fully developed. The only thing lacking till now was a frame in which a synergetic combination of these methods would have been possible. As follows:

- Holistic Climate Healing to create stable microclimata and to re-cultivate former desert-soils.
- Earth-Bag Building for cheap and durable housing with a good room climate using free local building materials.
- Circular economy following the principles of the early Terra Preta-cultures of South America creating the typical black soil agriculture (also see: organic farming). Nutrition will be also based on mushroom- and shrimp cultivation recycling organic waste, further: vertikal gardening in protected yards; creation of permaculture plantations for public use to serve also as a green belt between local and newly settled population; electrophysical plant growth manipulation for the areas still to be recultivated with an increase of fertility by up to 300% compared with industrial agriculture, though without use of chemical fertilisers, pestizides, herbizides or fungizides.