Colateral Profit

rufugium starts working in Africa. By setting up a row of settlements with their associated micro climata at the northern border of the sahara and the nubic desert a humid climate belt is created. When this belt is strong enough the entire climate of the north african deserts will automatically change. This project needs no external funding, it will be carried by the dynamic of the african refugee movement.

The EU Refugee Commissary spends 17 million Euro a year to monitor the refugees on their way from central Africa to the mediteranean, just to be able to pick out the people they believe will fit themselves into the demand of the european economies. Refugium can assist and help to do this job in a more efficient way – for the sake and in the responsibility of the refugees themselfes.

Need drives innovation. Many cultural techniques that are essential for a life in a self sustaining refugee camp never will prosper in developed countries due to the interests of the established economy protecting their markets. In this sense the settlements of refugium can act as a closed development laboratory for these cultural techniques. Later in history they will be able to give an inspiring impuls to the industrialised countries of today.