refugium has two goals

- help refugees to survive at the earliest possible stage of their journey providing shelter in self-created, self sustainable settlements inside the transit-countries, in which the original cultures can merge together with the cultur of the hosting country.
- guided learning of cultural techniques during the setup of these dense populated, self sustaining settlements in difficult climatic conditions achieving a maximum of living quality.

From there, the journey can take three different directions:

- after a phase of regeneration and preparation part of the refugees will continue to the economically strong countries of the western world to provide a living for their families at home. refugium can help to send those people on that path, who have the skills and education to serve the demand of the hosting countries.
- part of the people can stay in the self-created settlements for unlimited time. We have access to desert greening technologies and are able to create stable microclimates. So this must not touch the interests of any indigenous population.
- A few choosen people can be educated and prepared for a return to their home countries, to solve the original economic and ecologic problems.